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This Goes Out to our Extended Family Members…
By Caroline A.  •  June 30th, 2022

I am not the girl who gets asked “how are you still single?” Instead, I get asked, “why are you not doing more to put yourself out there?” Both questions just grind my gears, but there’s at least an implicit compliment in the first question that doesn’t even exist in the second. Is anyone else…

Science and Faith
By Matthew Dolinar  •  June 28th, 2022

Science has been the topic of fierce discussion lately within our culture these past two years. I have often heard very much opposed opinions from people who both claim to believe in science. It begs the question, what is science’s role in our lives, and what can it tell us about ourselves? To start us…

Overcoming FOMO
By Cam B.  •  June 23rd, 2022

Imagine this: you have some free time and you don’t have anything planned. It’s kind of a dull moment and you wonder what other people are up to. Suddenly, you go onto social media and all you see is post after post of all your peers doing fun things. They all look like they’re having…

We Are Not Consumables
By Alex O'Connor  •  June 21st, 2022

Have you ever found yourself running through a list in your mind of all the things you have going for you, summarizing all the qualities and attributes that make up the best of you into a concrete selection of “desirables?” And once you have this list, have you ever mentally stacked yourself against the standards…

Taylor Swift’s Guide to Theology of the Body
By Caroline A.  •  June 16th, 2022

While her lyrics aren’t meant to be considered doctrine, most missionaries at the Culture Project think that Taylor Swift has many beautiful things to share with us. My friend Alex recently shared Taylor Swift’s Guide to Confession, and I want to take it one step further with Taylor Swift’s Guide to the Theology of the…

Don’t Get It Confused… Love Is More Than a Feeling 
By Clare Hall  •  June 14th, 2022

I have a memory of a younger Me talking to my mom about boys and relationships when she suddenly said to me “You know, eventually I just had to CHOOSE to love your father.”  My little 13-year-old allusions about fairytales and love, that happily-ever-afters just naturally happened, that 2 people were just destined from the…

Your True Identity Lies in Christ
By Cam B.  •  June 9th, 2022

Our generation is facing a unique and intense struggle with identity.  There have never been more boxes we can put around ourselves: GPAs, physical appearances, and even Spotify Wrapped statistics. All of these descriptors, however trivial, can carry tremendous weight in the feedback loop that dominates our minds. The categories we put ourselves in, however…

Becoming a Missionary of Encounter
By Nick  •  June 7th, 2022

I recently went on a short Culture Project recruitment trip to Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. A few of us missionaries were there to attend a service fair and encounter some of the students. We spent only one full day in D.C., and we did not really know what to expect from this…


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