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The Manliest Thing a Man Can Do
By The Culture Project  •  September 28th, 2019

Two of my best friends are getting married!  Just a few weeks ago, I had dinner with Andrew and Marie who will be wed on May 2nd.  They shared a few stories including Andrew’s proposal to his now fiancé at the beach. In our conversation, I decided to put Andrew on the spot.  So I…

Combating Peer Pressure in College
By Lindsay Fay  •  September 26th, 2019

I’ll never forget the day my freshman year of college friend, Jessica, found out I was planning to save sex for marriage. “So you’re telling me you would never test drive a car before buying it?”  Looking back on that encounter now, I think of all the ways I could have responded. Back then, however,…

Do Guys Struggle with Body Image?
By Lucas Wollschlager  •  September 24th, 2019

For so much of my life, I’ve been faced with pressure as a man to look a certain way. As an athlete especially, I had to be muscular: six pack abs, big biceps, ability to squat and bench a lot of weight. The goal was for my body to fit this mold of what others…

Fall Training 2019 Week 3
By Koji de Ramos  •  September 24th, 2019

Sexual Integrity Presentations Week 3 was spent working on our Sexual Integrity (SI) presentations. The men and women are split up to hear the gender specific presentations given by veteran missionaries Johni & Erick.  Unlike our Human Dignity and Social Media presentations, Sexual Integrity is given without a speaking partner. This allows for a more…

Getting BITTER or getting BETTER?
By Krista Ingrilli  •  September 21st, 2019

I grew up in a very multicultural home. My mother is Thai and my father is Italian. Often I find that my temperament and my demeanor favors more with my Italian side. They match up in all of the stereotypical ways as well. Yes, I ALWAYS use my hands when I talk, I can be…

Are All Men Destined to be Cheaters?
By Angel Rodriguez  •  September 19th, 2019

On February fifteenth, Hannah and I set off to speak internationally in the beautiful and far off land of Tecate, Mexico. Okay, it wasn’t a very far off place and hardly felt international (I am quite familiar with the area of Baja California), nonetheless it was beautiful and the adventure was unforgettable! As we crossed…

Chastity makes relationships boring?
By Randall Tan  •  September 17th, 2019

“But won’t chastity make a relationship boring?” You should have seen the look of surprise on my face when a student asked me this during a Q&A session. I smiled, looked at him and said,”Thank you for asking that. I can say from personal experience that chastity will not make a relationship boring. It will…

Fall Training 2019 Week 2
By Koji de Ramos  •  September 16th, 2019

After a week of retreats and catching up, it’s time to get down to business. Human Dignity Presentations We started off this week by introducing our Human Dignity presentations to our missionaries. With the help of our second year missionary (Genesis) and Mission Team Manager (Lucas), our missionaries had the opportunity to experience the Human…


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