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Cam B.
Cam B.


Cam is 2020 graduate of Santa Clara University and an 8-year veteran of the Jesuit education industrial complex. He graduated with a BS degree in Economics, double-minoring in Political Science and Classical Studies. Despite being in the Catholic schooling system for most of his life, Cam saw a deep need in our culture for an authentic connection with God. Cam saw CP give a talk at a fundraiser at his house and was awe-struck; he didn't know other people felt the same way he felt, and was inspired by the passion and energy of the CP missionaries. He wished that he could have heard from people like CP at a younger age; he would have felt much more secure about his life choices and much more encouraged to speak up. Now a CP missionary, he sees shades of his younger self in the youth he wants to serve and is dedicated to giving our youth the guidance he wishes he received at a young age.

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Cam B.
Ancient, Flawed Ideologies That We Still See Today
By Cam B.  •  July 21st, 2022

My choice to study the classics (ancient history and languages) is a gift that keeps on giving. I can read languages that nobody speaks anymore. I now have pen pals that lived well before sliced bread was even a dream. I know how to tie a toga. Toga party heroics aside, I’ve gained something much…

Overcoming FOMO
By Cam B.  •  June 23rd, 2022

Imagine this: you have some free time and you don’t have anything planned. It’s kind of a dull moment and you wonder what other people are up to. Suddenly, you go onto social media and all you see is post after post of all your peers doing fun things. They all look like they’re having…

Your True Identity Lies in Christ
By Cam B.  •  June 9th, 2022

Our generation is facing a unique and intense struggle with identity.  There have never been more boxes we can put around ourselves: GPAs, physical appearances, and even Spotify Wrapped statistics. All of these descriptors, however trivial, can carry tremendous weight in the feedback loop that dominates our minds. The categories we put ourselves in, however…

The Myth of Victimless Crimes
By Cam B.  •  May 3rd, 2022

As missionaries who live in community with each other, good team bonding is crucial, and few things are more fun to bond over than a good movie. I always love having a great conversation after the movie, or, equally likely, during it—only to enhance the experience, of course. My teammates were in for a particular…

How to Tackle the Issue of Same-Sex Attraction
By Cam B.  •  March 29th, 2022

Our culture has been confused about same-sex attraction for some time, and never more so than right now. For the past few decades, we’ve seen our foundational understanding of marriage evaporate before our very eyes to the point where most people are wholly unequipped to even define it. If you’d asked just about anybody from…

A Short Guide to the Virtues
By Cam B.  •  January 26th, 2022

It’s very difficult in our particular time to discern between right and wrong. Fewer role models than ever are willing to draw lines in the sand on important issues. Our own families are often very divided and fractured, with parents and kids on completely different pages; all the while, schools have been left with the…

Taking Back Our Innocence
By Cam B.  •  January 18th, 2022

There is a particular obsession in our culture with “losing your innocence.” You can see it just about anywhere: the beauty ads in the mall targeted at teens, the sexualized billboards on the highway, or, as is often my case, watching coming-of-age rom-coms with my little sister.  After collecting a sturdy sample size, I’ve noticed…

Stepping up the the Plate to Be a Better Brother
By Cam B.  •  August 31st, 2021

I write this coming back home for the first time after several months of mission.  The window on my plane flight home presents to me a cloudy sky lit ablaze by the waning sunset. It’s dramatic and theatrical, much like my writing tone.  Mission life has given me a unique opportunity to reflect upon and…


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