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Krizia (Kiki) is a Los Angeles native, born and raised in South East Los Angeles. She is a 2014 graduate of Whittier College with a BA in Kinesiology. She first heard of the Culture Project when encountering the missionaries at the 2016 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. The thought of becoming a Culture Project missionary did not cross her mind until a year later, when the thought of doing a radical and heroic life change crossed her mind! The Culture Project inspired Krizia to live a life of greatness and virtue, helping others discover and reclaim their dignity. She went on to become a Maggie's Place missionary for a year and after finishing her year had a reawakened desire to go forth and set the world on fire with The Culture Project's message of becoming fully alive through a life of virtue and sexual integrity. " I am most honored to be a conduit of a message all human beings need to hear and to be a sister to all those who need somebody to walk alongside them in their journey to reclaiming their dignity, restoring the culture and living out a joyful hope!"

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Kiki Rocha
Inviting God into My PMS … And Why Men Were Part of His Answer
By Kiki Rocha  •  September 22nd, 2020

My whole life I have heard people tell me “ You are so hypersensitive, Kiki!” or “ You are too emotional!” Hearing those comments in the midst of crying for no reason, crying out of deep sadness or crying out of anger did not help me understand myself, but resent myself for being the way…

Friends With Benefits
By Kiki Rocha  •  July 9th, 2019

It was a summer in college and I wanted a boyfriend. To change things up, I created an okCupid profile, put my best photos and made myself sound amazing. After a series of first dates that didn’t go anywhere, I get a message from this charming and attractive young guy. He asked me to meet…

You Didn’t Deserve to be Abused
By Kiki Rocha  •  May 2nd, 2019

When I was a child, my mother always told me “If anybody ever touches you inappropriately, you need to tell me”. From that conversation, I at least understood my body was something I needed to safeguard and that it was possible for someone to cross a boundary. I never thought this someone would actually be…

When a Friend Tells You She has had an Abortion
By Kiki Rocha  •  April 4th, 2019

In 1991 a woman was going to walk into a Downtown LA abortion clinic, with her then-husband by her side. He was walking alongside telling her this is the best option for both of them. She had aborted twice before and this third time she thought would be a just as easy and painless solution…

When Loving Your Parents Gets Difficult
By Kiki Rocha  •  March 30th, 2019

Do you remember a moment during your childhood when you saw your parents as invincible? I vividly recall a night in Mexico when my mom became my wonder woman. We were on vacation and staying at my grandfather’s home when I wake up from a deep sleep to a ruckus. Once I gained all of…

If The Body is a Gift, I Must Admit, I Didn’t Like Mine
By Kiki Rocha  •  February 24th, 2019

Ever since I could remember I was hyper aware of my body and would study it in front of the mirror. I was a very insecure little girl always listening to my family call me “gorda” which is an endearing term in the Latino culture for “big-boned” . Once in the fifth grade, my teacher…

Real Talk: Women and Masturbation
By Kiki Rocha  •  February 15th, 2019

Not too long ago I was talking to a friend and within minutes we dove into a topic which is a censored topic for a lot of women. We read about it everywhere, we are encouraged to do it because it pleases us, but nobody talks about the “heart work” behind ….yup, masturbation. Ladies, I…


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