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Clare graduated from Walsh University in 2019, earning a bachelors degree in Sociology Applied Family Studies, along with a minor in Psychology. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Clare comes from a large family of ten children and two loving parents! Clare always had a passion for ministry, as well as a profound desire to learn the deeper meaning behind human existence. When she found The Culture Project, it opened the door for her to do just that. The deeper meaning that she had been so desperately searching for was revealed to Clare through this mission, and she is now determined to spread it herself. "I should not have had to search for the meaning behind my body, my worth, and my existence at the age of 23. I said 'yes' to this mission because we should not have to search at all; we deserve to have the truth be brought to us. We are all entitled to that deeper meaning without the tireless search, and that's exactly why I am thrilled to be serving as a missionary with The Culture Project."

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Whatever Makes You Happy
By Clare  •  February 3rd, 2022

“Well, as long as it makes you happy, that’s all that matters.”  This sentiment is a common response I hear after someone shares a life update. Maybe they got a new job, or they’re in a new relationship, or perhaps they entered back into an old relationship.  Is it always the wrong thing to say?…

A Guide on Healing
By Clare  •  January 6th, 2022

In Christian circles, we hear about wounds and healing from those wounds all the time. We understand that these wounds are typically not physical, but rather they are deeply emotional; ones that have a lasting effect. But what does it mean to seek healing? What does it mean to ultimately be healed? Until fairly recently…

What Do You Really Want?
By Clare  •  May 27th, 2021

I think it’s safe to say that we all have experienced a time where we desire something that maybe seems wrong, or twisted, or over-indulgent, and we find ourselves either suppressing those desires, or seeking them out in order to fill the hunger.  If this isn’t you, please call 1-800-i’m-not-a-human.  Seriously though!  Let’s look at…

What Does It Mean To Be In Love?
By Clare  •  March 11th, 2021

There it is, the daring and daunting “L word”. Some may find it terrifying, and others find it thrilling. But when people say, “I’m in love”, what does that really mean? I have many friends who claim that they have never been in love. Now, while it may very well be true that they have…

Compare and Contrast… Actually, Let’s Not.
By Clare  •  December 1st, 2020

Picture this: you’re texting all your girlfriends about going out and doing something FUN.  The group message is fired up and someone puts THE question out there; you all know what im talking about: “what is everyone wearing?”  Texts are coming and going like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s fun! Everyone’s sharing their cute outfits,…


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