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Alanis is a New Yorker who spent 4 years in the beauty industry doing make-up on the women of the Upper East Side. God works in the funniest of ways when, after work, she attended Catholic Underground, where she (not so) coincidentally sat in front of the CP missionaries. As a person who’s so passionate about the pro-life movement, she wondered if there was a way to reach these beloved women before abortion could ever become a thought. The message of human dignity and sexual integrity that The Culture Project so rightfully perpetuates amongst the youth, is where she found just that. “What if we were a part of Christ’s army? What if we became soldiers for Christ? If we equip ourselves daily with the weapon of the rosary, the shield of knowledge in the faith and the healer of all wounds, the Eucharist, there is no battle that we won’t win”

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From Our Desire to be Loved… Deliver us, Jesus
By Alanis  •  May 31st, 2022

I recently treaded through very dangerous waters as I made the brave decision to pray the Litany of Humility. If this is the first time you’re hearing of this prayer, it basically involves a repeated petition for several desires/fears that we ask deliverance from in order to become… well, more humble. (i.e. from the fear…

Should We Morph Ourselves Into Their “Dream Girl/Boy”?
By Alanis  •  March 15th, 2022

Thinking back throughout the course of my life, I’m ashamed to admit how often I pretended to be interested in several things just to get a guy’s attention. In fact, my senior year of High School was the most eminent example of this: It was then that I joined my school’s business club, attended every…

A Guide to Stop Viewing Men Through the Lens of Your Checklist
By Alanis  •  February 1st, 2022

“What’s your type?” We’ve probably all been asked this question at some point in our lives or another but for me, it began at a fairly young age. My elementary school memories consist of my friends and I playing games like M.A.S.H. attempting to figure out what our significant others’ hair color, name, career, etc.…

Let God’s Light Shine Through Your Screen
By Alanis  •  March 9th, 2021

As I was praying Night Prayer, one line distinctly jumped out at me: “Lord, let the light of Your face shine upon us.” It’s such a beautiful invocation but for some reason, the only imagery that my GenZ mind was able to create was this scenario: Picture this: it’s late at night, you’re lying in…

Can There Be Unity within Abortion?
By Alanis  •  January 21st, 2021

With the year of isolation and havoc finally behind us, I’ve found that the word “unity” has come to the forefront of my mind often. Togetherness. Harmony. Solidarity. It’s difficult to even imagine a world that can be summed up with these words. Instead, we see a culture consumed by politics, pornography and the tragic…

Freedom to Be Authentically YOU
By Alanis  •  January 19th, 2021

As I sat on my grandparents’ couch as a child, I distinctly remember that icky feeling of plastic on my legs. I think we all have a memory of the layer of vinyl that coats a decade-old couch as it slowly perishes beneath it, but if you’d like my opinion on this practice, I’ll condense…

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