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Erick M.
Erick M.


Erick graduated from the University of California, Riverside in 2018 with a BA in Media & Cultural Studies. He was born and raised in Southern California and enjoys all forms of creative expression. Erick first encountered TCP while researching the TOB for a ministry talk. Soon after, he fell in love with the teaching of TOB and it changed his life! As his journey unfolded, he felt God calling him to mission and was soon presented an opportunity to both serve and educate himself further about one of his passions through TCP. "Knowledge of the Theology of the Body is a beautiful gift that God gave me when I needed it most. As a missionary, I hope to share this gift and the joy that it has brought me to those who may be experiencing what I went through."

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Erick M.
She Is Worth The Risk!
By Erick M.  •  March 8th, 2019

There is a line in the social media talk we give that, without fail, results in some hilarious moments. It comes from the relationship section of the talk where we touch on how we must not allow social media to become our primary form of communication; especially when it comes to important conversations. Following so…

It’s Just A Joke: A Normalized Lack of Respect for Human Dignity
By Erick M.  •  February 18th, 2019

It was the start of my first official year of junior high. I was at a brand new school with completely different rules and expectations. Week one came and went and I was feeling pretty good about the transition. Then came week two and it was like the Fire Nation had attacked; because everything changed.…