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Scientific Proof You’re Amazing

August 24th, 2019

I am not a fan of science. Let’s get that out there now, so that nobody thinks I’m nerding out in this blog. I am also terrible at science. Mr. Byers, Mr. Acre, and Mr. Bright can attest to that thanks to my grades in chemistry, biology, and physics. This is not a blog revealing anything scientifically new, it is a blog about an anti-science bro getting his mind blown by scientific truth and deciding to profess it.

The human person is ridiculously gifted. Even in reading the previous 88 words, your brain has decoded the symbols, or letters, connected them to the words surrounding them and applied them to the ideas they are portraying. Your left ventral occipito-temporal cortex (WHAT IS THAT) has linked the words to their spoken equivalents. That all happens without you being aware of it. I think understanding what is happening inside the human body helps us appreciate our miraculous nature. I would now like to introduce you to the person who blew my mind by revealing what was happening inside their body.

This person has a brain like spaghetti (food analogies help me). By that I mean this person has the ability to handle multiple stimulations, situations, and interruptions at the same time. This person’s brain can connect another person’s behavior to emotions they are experiencing within a few seconds. This person’s brain is also connected to the rest of their body in a profound way. They have a cycle occurring in their body that contains four additional cycles within it. These four cycles are happening cooperatively on an axis involving the brain and two other organs in the body. One cycle involves eight stages! Another cycle involves four hormones dancing around each other like toddlers hearing “Baby Shark” for the first time. The third cycle connects the previous cycle to blood vessels changing in the body. Finally, the last cycle involves four phases which are intricately connected to the previous three cycles.

Now, I initially thought this would make me dislike science more. There’s way too much going on for my waffle brain to understand. In reality, however, there is so much going on in this person’s body without any of it being a conscious function, I cannot help but pick my jaw up off the floor. Picture the open mouthed, eyebrow-raised emoji. This person’s body, thanks to the beautiful cooperation of multiple complex cycles, is incredibly unique. There is no other human being like this person. And to top it all off, guess what kind of strength is displayed when their body syncs perfectly with a complimentary body? It’s a type of strength I can only admire from afar. This person will finally use the organ in their body that has been one of the sources of the cycles mentioned above. This organ doesn’t have any purpose for the person whose body it’s in, yet provides the safest residence known to humankind. This person has the capability to carry another human person inside this organ for nine months. That’s strength. This person’s sensational design will literally give life to another human person. This person is the most beautiful creature on the face of the earth, with a capacity for strength and pain which is unmatched by any other creature. This person is woman. And as Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross points out, she “was the gateway through which God found entrance to humankind.”

Thank you, science, for helping me adore women more profoundly than ever.

Joel Feldpausch
Joel Feldpausch

About the Author

Joel grew up in Dewitt, Michigan, and met the Culture Project at a Theology of the Body retreat with Christopher West. He decided to join as a missionary when God dropkicked him through the Culture Project's open door. Joel rediscovered Christ's love by running as far from it as he could throughout high school and most of college, a route Joel does not recommend. Thanks to the campus ministry program at Michigan State University, he finally gave God a chance to bring him peace, and God overwhelmed him (unsurprisingly). Nowadays, Joel loves spending time with friends and family, playing sports, and watching movies. Through Theology of the Body, he rediscovered what it means to live a life of joy, and he hopes to help others discover that life as well.

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