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Marriage: God’s Design or Man’s Design?

July  16th,  2019
By Dominic Figueroa read
Posted in Culture

On June 26, 2015, Obergefell v. Hodges ruled that the United States of America would recognize same-sex unions as a constitutional right. The Supreme Court of America redefined marriage, and made the claim that this new form of marriage is protected by our Constitution. The judges who voted “yes” claimed that it was legal under the phrase “equal protection under the law,” which protects the most basic rights of citizens: “life, liberty, and property” (Quoted from the 14th Amendment). The topic of homosexuality and gender theory are very broad and complex ones, and in no way is this blog a judgement on any person. It is a conversation about whether or not our country needs “traditional marriage” or not. 

The real questions we need to ask ourselves in the midst of all this is: What is marriage? Is same-sex marriage a human right? Is it in the best interest of the state to uphold the institution of marriage between a man and a woman? 

First, let’s begin from a basic definition: marriage is the life-long union of a man and a woman which is open to the new life which may be born from this union (See Getting the Marriage Conversation Right, William B. May). This union forms the very fabric of society’s past, present, and future. 

Now, we can examine our second question: Is “same-sex marriage” a human right?

I can see how people would think that it should be in today’s society because we believe that we are “free” to do whatever you want. Love is love. However, when we examine this closely, something begins to emerge. The fundamental rights in society are to life, liberty, and property. Our dignity and liberty are not things that are granted us by government; they are realities that government must uphold and respect. Therefore, government cannot determine what our inherent rights are. Taking that one step further, we, as individuals, cannot determine what our rights are either. They aren’t fabricated by us. They are endowed on us by our Creator. 

On to our third question: Is it in the best interest of society to uphold marriage between one man and one woman?

Pope St. John Paul II taught, “The way of society passes along the way of the family.” He knew that the health of a society would be determined by the health of its families. It is fair to say that families are experiencing many difficulties and struggles in today’s society, which in turn means our society is struggling at large.  

In no way am I condemning broken families. We all have many challenges. Situations arise that force families to separate. While that is true, I don’t think anyone wants this to be the case. We want more! We want a faithful, life-long love!

Furthermore, every child has a right to know their father and mother (See above resource). A child deserves to know the people that brought him or her into this world. There is only one institution which preserves this fundamental human right: the marriage of a man and a woman. 

In conclusion, marriage between a man and a woman is the only institution that honors the rights of children to know their parents. It is the only institution that builds up a healthy society. While this may be unpopular today, no court can redefine that which it did not create in the first place. Marriage is the design and plan of the Creator not the creature. To redefine it is to place ourselves in the Creator’s place–to become our own gods. And we all know where that road ends…so let’s seek to restore the culture by proclaiming the truth, goodness, and beauty of marriage and family life. Any society that  seeks to become fully alive must strive to defend the only entity that can ensure its flourishing: the family. 

About the Author

Dominic Figueroa is a 2013 graduate of Franciscan University of Steubenville with a B.A. in Theology. He grew up in Northern California, and is one of eight siblings. He has been actively engaged in the Pro-life movement his entire life. Dominic first encountered CP through the invitation of a college friend to visit their team in LA. After a few years of "God-encounters" with CP, Dominic became convinced that Jesus was calling him to proclaim the importance of human dignity and sexual integrity to his peers as a CP missionary. “Restoring our culture begins with one heart at a time—starting with my own. Restoring our culture begins when I give all that I am to becoming a saint.”

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