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June 11th, 2019

Imagine my shock when my psychology professor referenced Nelly in our college course. Wondering if I heard him correctly, I listened a little closer. He repeated: “That’s right, Nelly was onto something when he rapped about the waist-hip ratio.” I had grown up exposed to hip-hop culture’s fascination with the measurements of women thanks to…

Is It Too Late For Me?
March 27th, 2019

A college student approached me and asked if we could talk. We sat down and he began to tell me about how he was actively involved in the hook-up culture. He would go to bars, meet women, get drunk, and wake up with them the next day wondering what had happened. He told me, “I…

Save Sex or Safe Sex?
March 26th, 2019

“ I really respect Chastity and all that you said, it was a good talk, I enjoyed it, I just wanted to ask what made you want to speak on Chastity and not on safe sex, because the reality is by the time high schoolers graduate high school they have already had sex.” This was…